I think we still live in a culture that assumes that men are single by choice and women are single because no one wants them.
Sara Eckel, This is Why You’re Still Single (It’s Not Why You Think)  (via aprettypastiche)
French person: *speaks with heavy accent*
White people: ooh how classy! *jizz*
English person: *speaks with heavy accent*
White people: ooh how classy! *jizz*
Mexican person: *speaks with heavy accent*
White people: ooh go back to Mexico!


nobody will believe you if you tell them you saw a photo of me wearing lipstick


when my family went to disney world we went on the haunted mansion ride and this actor dressed as a skeleton came up to our cart and got right in my three year old brothers face and whispered “are you scared?” and my brother kissed him on the nose and the guy laughed so hard he had to leave


TW: suicide, abuse

Pictured above is (my best friend and room mate) Tashia’s fourteen year old niece. Her name is Marley. She is one of the sweetest, most compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And she is in dire need of help.

On March 24th, Marley tried to commit suicide. None of us knew her situation was this bad until now. This was not a cry for help, but a final desperate attempt to get out of an emotionally and physically abusive household. Other family members and I have tried to help her before, but have been shut down every time by Marley’s mother. With the understanding of what is going on and how much Marley is suffering and has suffered, this is the final straw. 

Tashia and I are trying to fight for custody of Marley and move her to a better, loving, stable, and safe environment so she can thrive, be at peace, and actually start enjoying her life. However, this may prove difficult, because Tashia and I are both queer and have a very limited income. We also live across state lines. Please help us through this complicated and stressful situation.

Please take the time to read our story here

If you can, please donate. Every single bit helps.

If you cannot donate, please spread the word. 

Thank you,

Tashia and Riley

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask either of us. 

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"i need a movie where there are kickass female characters"image

"i need a movie where the main characters aren’t attractive"image

"i need a movie with annoying talking animals"


"i need a movie where the main character lives in a swamp"


"i need a movie that has all star by smash mouth on the soundtrack"



"it’s like no one’s straight anymore!" yeah because we’ve realised how boring heterosexuality is and we’re evolving




You know how there’s a theory that no two people see a colour the exact same way.

Does that mean colour is like

a pigment of your imagination.


that blue me away


im a proud smasher of the gender binary and an unproud smasher of some dishes too (sorry mom)
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